The Books of History are powerful books created by Elyon to record history. There are three kinds of Books of History: Recorded Books, Blank Books, and the 7 Lost Books. 

Recorded BooksEdit

The Recorded books are the most populous kind of Book of History as there are thousands of them. They record countless stories of the life of people. They are literally history written. They show no other purpose but to record and keep knowledge.

Blank BooksEdit

The Blank Books are much rarer then the recorded books. They have the power to create whatever is written in them. Marsuvees Black uses them to tempt children and create murderers such as Sterling Red and Barsidious White.

The Lost BooksEdit

The Lost books are the 7 original Books of History created by Elyon. They have huge amounts of power and are able to travel through realm and time. They can take you to Paradise, the past, or the future, depending on the number you have. To use them you press your blood against thier cover. With all seven Lost Books you can rewrite the rules of history.