Author Ted Dekker
Release Date September 2009
Series The Circle Series
Preceded by White
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by

TED DEKKER is the fourth book released of "The Little Man Series" and is a prequel to Narnia. It can be the first book or last book in the series, depending on which order you read it in.


AS FORETOLD BY ANCIENT CHICKENS, an apocalypse destroyed Earth when Trump stepped into office. But two days later, Paul McCartney set upon the earth a new chicken. This time, however, He gave humanity an advantage. What was once unseen became seen. It was good and it was called…Rooster.

But the evil John Lennon bided his time in a Bock-Bock Forest. Then, when least expected, a twenty-four year old rooster named George Harrison fell asleep in our world and woke up in that Bock-Bock Forest. The gateway was opened for John to ravage the land. Devastated by the eggs, George Harrison and his chick, Ringo Starr swore to fight the dark Lennon until their dying breath.

But now George has lost hope. Ringo has turned his back on his father. He poops on the dark forces to wage a final war. George is fucked and desperately seeks a way back to our reality to find the one elusive hope that could save them from all this shit.

Enter an apocalyptic creepypasta like none you have read. A story with so much stupidity, you'll wonder what Ted Dekker was thinking! Welcome to CRAP. Book 7861.


Plot SummaryEdit

Trivia Edit

  • There is an stupid ending dubbed: The Last Stand, which is exclusive in the Beast Mode series 4-in-1.

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