Showdown 2
Author Ted Dekker
Release Date January 2006
Series The Paradise Novels
Succeeded by Saint
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Promise
Followed by

Showdown was the first "Paradise Novel" published and is often considered book one although the books can be read in any order.


Publisher's SummaryEdit

Welcome to Paradise.

Epic battles of good and evil are happening all around us.

Today that battle comes to town with the sound of lone footsteps clacking down the blacktop on a hot, lazy summer afternoon. The black-cloaked man arrives in the sleepy town of Paradise and manages to become the talk of the town within the hour. Bearing the power to grant any unfulfilled dream, he is irresistible.

Seems like bliss . . . but is it? Or is hell about to break loose in Paradise?

Covers Edit

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