Tanis is the firstborn of all man. In the start of the series he was completely dedicated to Elyon. He was a great poet and fighter that was dangerously interested in the histories. He was dedicated to go to the black forests and wipe the Shataiki out of the black forest. This lead to the Tribes demise when he went to the black forests and was tempted by Teeleh to drink the water. This unleashed the Shataiki which destroyed the old ways of the tribe's life. It is unknown what happened to Tanis in this gap but it is known that he became Quorong supreme leader of the Horde and servent of Teeleh, the very being he originaly sought to destroy. He lead the Horde in countless wars with the Forest Guard and later the Eramites. At the end of the series he watches his daughter die and realises the errors of his ways and drowns for Elyon becoming a follower once more.